I am Dina DiNucci

and I am running for

Gresham City Council, Position 1

Finding ways to bring positive benefits to our neighbors

Over 5 years of advising OHSU Nursing students in public health efforts in Gresham 

Important Local Topics

Balanced Leadership throughout the City

I want to represent and understand your views, and hope you will share your thoughts on these topics.  If you have other issues you feel should be a priority in our City, please contact me.

Truly Partnering with the People We Serve

Equal consideration for all neighbors

Our City is home to many unique individuals.  I commit to working toward a City government that works to understand the barriers our residents face, whether it is in staff encounters or policies made by our Council.  It is time to step out of a white middle class mind-set and strive to make sure we are working in the best interest of all community members.  Training our staff and council to understand the needs of our changing demographics is essential. When our council makes decisions that impact all of our residents, we must be educated on how this affects everyone.

Housing Stability

Provide neighborhoods that allow our families to stay and grow old in a city they can always call home.

Gresham needs appealing housing options to keep residents happy to make Gresham their forever home. From your first apartment through your retirement,  you should be able to find a place in Gresham that’s “just right.” We must also provide a balance across our neighborhoods of housing in all socio-economic levels through incentives and planning.  Housing stability and housing options for all ages and incomes will keep our community invested and keep our housing affordable.  We need to work regionally to assure we have resources to assist those struggling to be housed.

Quality of Life

Improving the quality of life throughout our city.

Our neighborhoods have different characteristics that make them unique and beautiful.  Each neighborhood deserves consideration when determining maintenance, service levels, and special project funding. I will work to ensure decisions are made with common sense and fair practices, and not driven by special interests or squeaky wheels.  Our neighborhoods need to be the lead voices in priority spending, leading to more engagement and a voice at the table when determining their priorities.


Healthy parks and recreation options lead to healthy families.  Enjoying Gresham’s lush landscapes, opportunities to socialize with neighbors, or just having a place to run and play should be a reasonable expectation for Greshamites.  I support efforts to finding creative funding solutions for our parks system.

Campaign Signs Have Arrived!  Thank you for posting a sign
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If you have questions, please text 503.740.0578


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