Allow Me To Introduce Myself . . .

I am Dina DiNucci.  I moved to Gresham in 1999 and was able to buy my first home as a single mom of 2 children in the Centennial School District.  I was a City of Gresham employee at the time, and spent over ten years working in the Department of Environmental Services and learning so much about the Capital Improvement  Projects to build our infrastructure, preparing the Departmental budget, and the inner workings of the City.  During that time I became concerned about the divisiveness happening across our city and neighborhoods.  It is at that time I chose to see how I could make change, and BOY, DID I GET IMMERSED! 

Before I knew it I was Neighborhood Restoration Chair for the Federal Weed and Seed Program in the Rockwood and surrounding area.  I was having meetings with the City planner to consider community needs, and soon envisioned and championed a grant to start the Rockwood Business Coalition.   I fell in love with the idea of uniting and understanding neighbors, and was able to forge important relationships to better understand and advocate for our diverse residents.  This was the beginning of my drive to understand others and to connect our neighbors through mutual understandings.  It is because of this passion I am now running for City Council.  Our neighbors have been divided and I would like to do all I can to unite us on an equal ground and through more understanding.   

I have spent over 15 years prioritizing my connections with people, businesses and government.  My volunteer work has focused on streamlining systems, and improving outcomes for residents with in-depth understanding of societal issues.  My current profession:  Multnomah County, Health Dept. Case Investigator and Independent Consultant on Community Engagement.

  • Familiarity with City Processes including budget preparation and Council agenda processes. I was a City of Gresham employee for over 10 years, working with the public and businesses, as an assistant to the Capital Improvement Budget Process and support to  infrastructure engineering projects.  
    Previous roles

  • Campaign Manager for Gresham Redevelopment Renewal - Measure 26-10, 

  • Small business owner:  2007-2014, Park Place Coffee (...Crepes, Community)

  • Volunteer appointments:  Co-Creator and Board Chair of the Rockwood Business Coalition; Neighborhood Restoration Chair for the Federal Weed and Seed Program; Appointed member of the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Safety Committee; Tri-Met Art Selection Committee, Centennial Neighborhood Vice-Chair, and many non-appointed roles in community engagements, improvements and speaking engagements

  • Social service experience: Case Investigator for the Covid Pandemic, Community Engagement/Public Relations Manager, Wallace Medical Concern; Manager of Human Solutions Family Homeless Shelter. 

I live in a city with so many positive elements to support, and so many opportunities to prepare Gresham as it continues to grow and prosper.    I want to be there to listen to the neighbors and unite our neighborhoods.

I'm a Grandma

I work w/our community & city

I believe in engaging with others

to find solutions

I owned Park Place Coffee

for 7 years

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